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Your 2Usmiles Journey Awaits.


Receive your
2Usmiles impression kit

Our orthodontics team
creates a personalized
treatment plan

Receive aligners
and transform your smile!


Superior clarity and comfort
clear aligner with 99% transmittance, 2usmiles clear aligner is one of the most transparent and clear invisible aligners in the market.

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Aligner Bundle


All-Day Quick




For 11 Mos
$399 down payment

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For all day

Result in 4-8 months

Recommended to

wear 22 hrs/day


Night Comfort





For 11 Mos
$399 down payment

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For night only

Result in 10-14 months

Recommended to

wear 10 hrs/day

Save $300 with One-time payment

100% guarantee result

You will be refunded if you are not a candidate. No obligations or commitments until you approve the treatment plan.

  • Impression kit

  • Aligning kit

  • Whitening kit

  • Free set of retainers


Lifetime Guarantee

Guaranteed for life means it works. If at any time post treatment your teeth move out of alignment, we’ll be there to help at no additional cost

Professional Care Access,
No Matter Where You Are


We are100% committed not just to delivering great outcomes, but to making sure you feel cared for throughout the process.

That’s why we offer something that other companies don’t: remote monitoring by an orthodontic specialist. The same specialist who designs and prescribes your treatment plan will track your progress with scans you take from your phone. You won’t have to worry how everything is going, because your orthodontic team will be able to keep tabs on your treatment from where ever you are.

It’s faster than having to make appointments every two weeks — and the combination of convenience and peace of mind is unmatched.

​Your 2usmiles aligner will also include 3 free whitening pens, which can be used together with your aligners! You will receive detailed instructions on how to use them when you receive the aligners!

  • What are 2Usmiles clear aligners and how do they work?
    2Usmiles clear aligners (or clear braces/invisible aligners) are the alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment with metal braces. You will receive a set of aligners, and each aligner tray will gently push your teeth on specific points to move them into the correct position. With every set of aligners, you should see your smile transform!
  • What is the difference between 2Usmiles clear aligners and braces?
    Clear aligners work as “clear braces.” But unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are nearly invisible, offering more mobility in day-to-day life. 2Usmiles clear aligners are also comfortable, removable, and easy to manage.
  • How long is the 2Usmiles treatment process?
    Depending on the treatment plan and the severity of your case, 2Usmiles clear aligners can take as few as 4 months for Quick Effective, 8 months for Ultra Comfort, and 12 months for Night Comfort.
  • How many hours per day do I have to wear my 2Usmiles clear aligners?
    If you decide on the daytime plan (Quick Effective or Ultra Comfort), 2Usmiles clear aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours a day. You should only remove the tray to eat, drink (other than water), brush, and floss. The treatment plan is designed in this way, and not wearing your aligners for the minimum amount of time required each day could jeopardize your progress. The Night Comfort, on the other hand, should be worn at least 10 hours per day, ideally when you’re sleeping.
  • Can my insurance cover 2Usmiles clear aligners?
    Possibly! If you would like for us to check your insurance coverage, please head to the insurance page and send us an email at with these two attachments: 1. Front/Back picture/scan of insurance card 2. Your/Policy Holder's name and DOB
  • Does 2Usmiles accept HSA/FSA?
    Yes! Most flexible spending and health savings accounts can cover the expense for impression kits, 2Usmiles clear aligner treatment, and retainers.
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