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Impression Kit

Start Your Journey Here

$ 9.95
To get 3D treatment preview 

What's inside the box

Two sets of impression trays
Four sets of impression putty
Clear cheek retractor
One pair of nitrile exam gloves
Return mailer with prepaid label




Start 2Usmiles Journey

Step 1

Order your 2Usmiles impression kit to get started.

Begin your aligner journey with an impression of your teeth, which can be easily done (and fun!) by making dental molds at your home. You will receive a customized treatment plan if 2Usmiles is a good fit for you.


Step 2

Our ortho team reviews your case & designs your treatment.

After receiving your molds, our experienced orthodontic specialists will sift through them to see if 2Usmiles can help you improve your smile. We will show you a 3D digital preview of how your teeth will get straightened over time using 2Usmiles. You won’t be charged until the approval of your treatment plan.

Step 3

Try out your aligners at home and see the difference.

No office visits are required as everything you need for your 2Usmiles treatment is mailed to your doorstep all at once. Your doctor will remotely give you all the instructions and take care of your teeth throughout the progress.


Lifetime Guarantee

Guaranteed for life means it works. If at any time post treatment your teeth move out of alignment, we’ll be there to help at no additional cost

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