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Impression Kit

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Take $50 off the original price


100% guarantee for impression kits

You will be refunded if you are not a candidate. No obligations or commitments until you approve the treatment plan.




Order your 2Usmiles impression kit to get started.

Begin your aligner journey with an impression of your teeth, which can be easily done (and fun!) by making dental molds at your home. You will receive a customized treatment plan if 2Usmiles is a good fit for you.

Our orthodontists review your case & design your treatment.

After we receive your molds, our experienced orthodontists will examine them carefully to see if 2Usmiles can help you improve your smile. We will show you a 3D digital preview of how your teeth will get straightened over time using 2Usmiles. You won’t be charged until the approval of your treatment plan.

Try out your aligners at home and see the difference.

No office visits are required as everything you need for your 2Usmiles treatment is mailed to your doorstep all at once. Your doctor will remotely give you all the instructions and take care of your teeth throughout the progress.


Pre-treatment FAQ

What does 100% Impression Kit guarantee mean?

Your impression kit will give us the information we need to know if you are a good candidate for 2Usmiles treatment. If we determine you are not a candidate for 2Usmiles, we will refund 100% of your payment. There is also no obligation or commitment to purchase the clear aligner treatment plan if you are a candidate.

How do I take my impressions?

Follow the video down below. Make sure to check if the empty tray fits over your teeth before molding the putty.

I didn’t do my impressions correctly. What do I do?

The good thing is that each impression kit comes with four putties, so if you accidentally do an impression incorrectly, there are back-ups! If you would like to see examples of adequate impressions, please refer to the video down below at the 1:40 mark. If you send the impressions back to us and our team determines we need additional models, we will ship you another impression kit, free of charge.

How fast is the impression kit shipping?

After you purchase the impression kit, it should be shipped to your home in 3-4 business days.

I’ve sent in my impression kit; how long will it take for me to get a response back?

Normally when we receive your impression kit, it will take our orthodontics team 5 business days to review and assess your case.

I just had dental work done on my teeth, how long should I wait before getting 2Usmile clear aligner treatment?

It really depends on the dental work performed. Normally if there are any periodontal (gum) issues, we recommend you solve the problem first, then start the treatment.

I still have my wisdom teeth. Will that affect my treatment plan?

Most likely not, unless you have impacted wisdom teeth which requires tooth extraction first. This does vary case by case, so we recommend ordering an Impression Kit to verify. Remember, Impression Kits have a 100% guarantee, so if we determine you’re not a candidate, you will get a full refund!

What if I’m missing a tooth?

No worries! In most cases, we can work around this, but we still recommend confirming through a 100% guarantee Impression Kit.

I want to get a tooth implant. Should I do that before or after aligner treatment?

That answer varies. We normally would recommend to get aligner treatment first as your teeth will shift during the process, but we recommend you consult your dentist for your specific case.

Can I get aligners for just my Top or Bottom teeth, rather than both?

Absolutely. But we will still need impressions of both your top and bottom teeth so our team can create a correctly aligned final plan. There is no price difference though unfortunately.