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Patented Material 

2Usmiles clear aligners are made from a specially engineered plastic meant

to bring durability and comfort to its wearer.

More Comfort

Superior clarity and comfort cutting technology


If you ever had a chance to look inside the surface of your aligners, you might be able to see those wave-shaped textures. These textures are due to the thermoplastic process when making the aligner and the plastic sheet material’s property.

The textures will add more ditches which will decrease the transparency of the aligner and give more room for bacteria breeding.

2Usmiles aligners use proprietary material and manufacturing processes to provide a much smoother surface finish to provide a more hygienic, more clear, and more important a more comfortable clear aligner experience.

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2usmiles aligner.png

Faster Treatment


Extra tension can provide a much more efficient treatment result


2usmiles clear aligners adopt new technology to make them have excellent stress retention, crack resistance, high transparency, and anti-fouling characteristics.

This gives us the ability to provide a high-efficiency treatment plan to you. On average, we can shorten the treatment time by 20%-30%.*

*Patient still needs to wear the aligner 20 hours a day for  10 days per stage during the treatment.

Treatment Design Process

2Usmiles creates a computer model of your teeth that replicates the form and shape of your impression. Using laser scanner technology, we can capture 3D data that will then be used by our professional team to craft you your custom set of aligners.


Professional Care Access,
No Matter Where You Are


We are100% committed not just to delivering great outcomes, but to making sure you feel cared for throughout the process.

That’s why we offer something that other companies don’t: remote monitoring by an orthodontic specialist. The same specialist who designs and prescribes your treatment plan will track your progress with scans you take from your phone. You won’t have to worry how everything is going, because your orthodontic team will be able to keep tabs on your treatment from where ever you are.

It’s faster than having to make appointments every two weeks — and the combination of convenience and peace of mind is unmatched.

​Your 2usmiles aligner will also include 3 free whitening pens, which can be used together with your aligners! You will receive detailed instructions on how to use them when you receive the aligners!

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