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Get your 2usmiles retainers today!


When it comes to orthodontic treatment, your retainer is one of the most important things you need to take care of your smile. Retainers are an essential part of preserving your smile after receiving clear aligner treatment.


2usmiles customized retainer using our own proprietary material to offer the most comfortable and affordable in the market!


You can order your 2usmiles retainers even if you are not a 2usmiles aligner customer!

2Usmiles Retainers Care Package

$180.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
  • 3 sets of retainers from 2Usmiles to protect your teeth from shifting back after alignment treatment

  • need to purchase a $30 impression kit for us to exam and create the 3D printed retainers for you. 

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