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2Usmiles Impression Process

What's included


Top and bottom tray sets * 2


Base and Catalyst putty sets * 4

2usmiles mouth expander_edited.png

Mouth retractor *1

Mixing the putty

Rinse and floss your teeth before you start.

Set a timer for 1 minute. Mix the blue and white putty for 30 seconds until it's even.

Roll the putty into a 4-inch cylinder, and place it into the tray before the timer is up.

Creating the impression

Slide the tray into your mouth carefully.

Make sure your front and back teeth have fully sunken into the putty. The putty should also cover your gum line.

Pull your lips and cheeks over the tray. Hold still for 3.5 minutes. Stay as still as possible during this period, keep two thumbs under the tray to secure it.

Tray removal

After 3.5 minutes, remove the tray by pulling it down on the sides rather than the handel.

Now repeat the process with the bottom tray for your lower teeth!

The separation between your teeth and gums must be clear. All your teeth should show up in the putty as well.

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