WHY 2Usmiles

3D data modeling technique
60% more clarity
professional dentist team
affordable plan

impression process

Creating a computer model of your teeth that exactly replicates the form and shape. Using laser scanner technology, we can capture 3D data that will then be used by our professional team to craft you your custom set of aligners.


We’re 100% committed not just to delivering great outcomes, but to making sure you feel cared for throughout the process. That’s why we offer something that other companies don’t, remote monitoring by an orthodontist. The same specialist who designs and prescribes your treatment plan will track your progress with scans you take from your phone. You won’t have to wonder how everything is going, because your orthodontist will be able to keep tabs on your treatment from where ever you are.

It’s faster than having to make appointments every two weeks — and the combination of convenience and peace of mind is unmatched.

no clinic markup, directly from you to perfect smiles

2USMILES vs. competitors

price almost Invisible high clarity material Ultra soft material
2Usmiles $
Invisalign $$$$
Smile Direct Club $$
Byte $$
Candid $$
THE PERKS our competitors 2Usmiles logo
7 days a week urgent care support
Interactive 3D preview
Ultra Comfort Material
Night Only Option
Treatment plan length prediction 8-12 MONTHS 6-8 MONTHS
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